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The Conservatory at Highlands is cultivating musicianship through community! Locally owned and operated, we offer a 21st-century music education that is equally inclusive and challenging taught by the best musicians in Boston. The Conservatory is your community music school, where we can all learn and develop the craft of music together. Check out our cool space at 51 Winchester Street in Newton Highlands.

Rubin and Rudman, a renowned law firm, has played a pivotal role in shaping laws for over a century. Their innovative approaches to case resolution and enduring client relationships have established them as one of the region's strongest and most reliable firms. Recognized as a top-ranked law firm in Boston, their years of experience, dedication, and high-quality legal advice have earned them client loyalty and respect. With a diverse clientele and a team of over 80 attorneys, Rubin and Rudman's collegiality and continuity are significant advantages, offering innovative and responsive solutions to clients' legal needs while remaining committed to their profession.